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By: Wesley Lau Siew Kui

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Saturday, 25-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
8tv Project Superstar at Gurney Plaza

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2day, the main purpose i go Gurney Plaza is want to buy Amei new album, but sadly all finish & no stock already..sigh.. Then i got take a look on the Project Superstar & also the F1 racing car in thr...
We (Jenny, Yea Yunn & I ) got the ticket for LeeHom Promo Tour ticket too after they both buy the Celcom XPax SimCard, got 3 tickets free loh..so gd! Then we will go on 20/3 for LeeHom Autograph Mini Concert at Penang .

Friday, 24-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Computer Science School-Dinner & Dance Night 2006

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2nite is a wonderful night coz it is our school D&D night! I m 1st time go the D&D night...i feel very happy & excited! This is my final sem in CS, so i must take time go this night to experience it.. I also take opportunity to take photos with my coursemates for nice memory!!

Monday, 2-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Take Lunch at Hai Wai Tien Restaurant

Today is a special day for our Century church coz our church will independent as a new church. Thus, we got a lunch at "Hai Wai Tien" restaurant at Pekaka Square at 12pm. This is my 1st time eat at this restaurant. Hmm....the food there ok la...haha... Wow...whole restaurant full of people, so very "riuh-rendah"....

Tuesday, 20-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
King Kong

King Kong coming to town...haha.. No la..just 2day i go with ngie hing go to watch this movie at MegaPavillon at Prangin Mall. Wow...very nice this movie coz very excited !! But also got a part that touching that when the actress name Annie want protected the king kong been kill...so touching ooh..she cry thr and king kong also feel sad..so pity la..coz at the end king kong die too...so sad...
2day we meet Gui Fei at AirAsia office at Komtar, she go buy ticket too..and we go thr bcoz Ngie Hing want buy CNY flight ticket loh...then we ask her go to watch with us for the movie..hehe..But the very funny one is coz we both bought movie ticket already, then after she go buy it too although the seat is close to us that is we sit G5 & G6, she book seat for G1...BUT the cinema is different one la..haha.. so funny ..we are at cinema 3 but she was at cinema 4...hahahaha...

Wednesday, 14-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Cronicles of Narnia

2day, Ah Kiu & I went to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) at Gurney Plaza to watch the movie. I go to watch "Narnia" but Ah Kiu go to watch "King Kong". This is my 1st time go to GSC to watch movie & the screen really more bigger than MegaPavillion cinema loh..haha..Hmm..i wait to watch this movie from April, then nw i can watch it already, so excited! After watch it, i feel a little disappointed coz not as i think b4 coz i want to see more or long time in the war scene. But still enjoy it la...
After finish watch it about 5.30pm, OH NO..it was raining heavily la...so i cant back, then i wait at Gurney plaza main entrance thr more than half an hour, & it still rain. Thus, i be force go to buy an umbrella & back la... The most interesting matter happen 2day is my watch cant be open it to change the battery in all Gurney watch shop...haha They all cant open it coz got a little "berkarat" till it bcome so difficult to open it. Then the last choice is after i back to Komtar, i try again went to watch shop, then luckily the boss thr succeed open it although also open it with hardly la....So 10s to that watch shop's boss..hehe...if not i think i need to buy a new one liao...

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